Blackhead remover test – Be guided, read advice and good tips in this article.

We’ve done a blackhead remover test so you know what to buy when you go out and have yours.

Here you will understand what you need to be aware of, prices and important features of your headhead vacuum.

It has become hugely popular to remove blackheads and more Danes are starting to use this form of facial cleansing. Therefore, it is very understandable if you also want to get started at home. Read our entire headhead remover test and find just the product that suits you!

Overview – Blackhead remover test

  1. The test winner – Quality from Comforth Scandinavia ➜
  2. Second place – The cheaper alternative ➜
  3. Third place – The cheapest choice ➜

1. Best in test: Comforth Scandinavia

Comforth Scandinavia offers a pore cleanser where you really get a lot for your money.

Comforth’s MicroDerm treats, cleanses and renews your skin – and it can be felt. The exfoliating diamond tip effectively removes your dead skin cells and various impurities. In addition, it also smoothes the pores and helps reduce wrinkles.

It is elegant, fine and easy to use. You simply click the power button and let the product do its work while you move it around your face.


  • 4 suction levels + 3 heads
  • Lifespan: Min. 600,000 flashes
  • Weight: 189g
  • Product measures 143x34mm

Therefore, this IPL hair remover is best in test

  • Good price (get 20% discount right now with the code TRIPII20)
  • Easy & efficient to use (5 min. Use / daily)
  • Small & nice design
  • 4.6 stars on Trustpilot (over 60 reviews)
  • 45 day satisfaction guarantee (so you get your money back if you do not experience results)
  • We saw results after 2 weeks


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2. SkySkin

SkySkin is a strong two in this test. With a very low price around the 249, – and a good quality, this is also a good offer for many.

This blackhead remover gives your skin a fine pore that gives results. There just is not the same exclusive feel as at Comforth. However, it is definitely a really nice alternative if you want a cheaper model.


  • 3 suction levels & 5 suction heads
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee – great for testing quality
  • FDA, RoHS and CE approved

That’s why this one comes in second place

You get a slightly lower quality, which can be felt. But it’s still so nice that they deserve this second place. You get a 30-day satisfaction guarantee – and I’m sure you will be really happy with what you experience.

It has therefore certainly deserved a place so high here on the list. But it has not been voted the best blackhead remover this time around.


3. Plads: Nordic-wellness

In third place we find this Nordic-wellness pore cleanser, which is also a good offer. This device is for you who want to buy the cheapest option on the market. Its features are almost like the others, it just has a slightly different grip.

It solves problems with blackheads, rough pores, rough skin and exfoliates dead skin, blackheads and skin pores.

The design is not like the other two and here the quality is a deal lower than No. 1. However, it is again a fine choice if the price means EVERYTHING to you.


  • Built-in 500 mAh battery
  • USB charging
  • Fast charging
  • 2 year warranty from the manufacturer

That’s why this product lands in third place

The product is solid, ok quality and has a large battier that gives you a good and long treatment as well as results (just 3 weeks of treatments give full results for most).

However, the product does not come out on top, as you do not get the satisfaction guarantee that the others offer.



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